Can RO reverse osmosis water purifier filter hot water?

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 Let me start with the conclusion, no. Whether it is ITEHIL's RO reverse osmosis water purifier or water purifiers of other brands, it is not recommended to use them to filter hot water unless it is a special category.


To understand the reason, first, you need to know how the water purifier works. Most water purifiers purify water layer by layer through various filter elements to remove impurities. A filter element with better material can not only remove impurities such as sand, rust, bacteria, and suspended solids in the water, but also remove odors from the water. It can also remove calcium, magnesium and other metal ions and radioactive substances in the water, completely purifying and softening the water quality. The purification effect of the filter element with poor material is very average, and it can only simply purify some bacteria, algae and some bacteria. But regardless of whether the material is good or bad, the core is to use the filter membrane in the filter element to filter impurities, and the core of the filter membrane is its pore size. Since the impurities filtered by the filter element are often relatively small, the pore size of the filter element must be very small to be able to filter. However, because of this, the filter element itself is relatively fragile and easily affected by the environment.


Therefore, both high and low temperatures may change the pore size of the filter element, affect the filtration accuracy of the filter element, and change the physical and chemical properties of the filter material. If hot water or ice water is necessary, the water needs to be reprocessed after filtration is completed. We also need to remind everyone that when using a water purifier, you should read the product manual carefully and use it according to the specifications. For example: When filtering with an ITEHIL water purifier, the water temperature should be between 39-100 degrees Fahrenheit.


Conclusion: Whether it is ITEHIL's RO reverse osmosis water purifier or other brands of non-specialized water purifiers, they should be used in a suitable environment to protect the more fragile filter element.


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