Which is better, distilled water or reverse osmosis water?

RO Water Purifier

To discuss this issue, we must first know what distilled water is and what reverse osmosis water is.

Distilled water refers to water obtained by boiling water to form water vapor, and then condensing and collecting it at low temperature. It uses the different boiling points of different substances to separate the substances.
Reverse osmosis water refers to water filtered through an RO membrane. Since the pore size of the RO membrane is extremely small, it needs to be pressurized.

Comparison of differences in various aspects:

1.Water quality

In terms of water quality, both reverse osmosis and distilled water are a huge improvement over shower filters. RO water filters can remove 99% of dissolved solids in water, including heavy metal salts. Since it mainly relies on the small pore size of the RO membrane to filter substances, it cannot remove substances smaller than its pore size. Distilled water removes almost 100% of dissolved solids, but because it mainly uses the different boiling points of different substances, substances below the boiling point of water cannot be removed completely.

2. Speed

First of all, I must explain that the production speed of both is very slow. If you have a large water demand right away, I am afraid that neither of them can meet it, so you may need to prepare a water storage device. Comparing the two, in most cases, the RO water filter has a faster processing speed.

3.Power consumption

In terms of power consumption, reverse osmosis filters definitely use less power. In fact, some reverse osmosis water filters can operate normally even without power if the water pressure is high enough. For distilled water devices, if you want to obtain usable water in a short period of time, it is obviously necessary to raise and maintain the temperature at a certain height, so the consumption of this energy is necessary. The energy required to raise and maintain water temperature is much higher than the energy required to pressurize.

in conclusion

There is not much difference in water quality between RO water and distilled water, and both can meet daily safe water needs. The production speed of distilled water is slower, consumes more power, and needs to be heated first and then cooled. It is obviously not as convenient to use as RO water. For home use, we recommend everyone to buy an RO water filter.


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