Portable Outdoor Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
Portable Home Water Filtration System Three-Step Powerful Filtration
ITHIIL portable water filter reverse osmosis, activated carbon, and other multi-layer filtration membrane pictures
Portable reverse osmosis membrane water purifier
Portable water filtration systems have a wide range of applications
One filtration yields 7.13 gallons of Drinking water
Portable water filtration system works fine at 118.11 inches
The details and functions of each layer of the ITHIIL portable water filter in filtering water
Portable water filtration system suitable for any weather
Portable household PP cotton + activated carbon + reverse osmosis membrane water filtration system
Portable outdoor PP cotton + activated carbon water filter
Portable reverse osmosis membrane water filter
Portable household PP cotton + activated carbon + reverse osmosis membrane water filtration system
Portable Home Water Filtration System
Portable reverse osmosis membranes and hybrid filters
Portable reverse osmosis membrane water filter

ITEHIL Portable Water Filtration System

$349.00 USD $249.00 USD SAVE $100.00 USD
  • PP-Cotton+ Activated Carbon + Reverse Osmosis Membranes can remove Bacteria,Viruses,Parasites,Heavy Metals,Pesticides,Polyvinyl Chloride,PFAS and more
  • Electric Self-priming pump,offer 17 fl oz & 500ml drinking water per minute
  • Portable design for use anytime、anywhere
  • Built-in 2x6000mAh battery, USB-C charging port and cable

Option: Water Filtration System(With 2 Filters)

Water Filtration System(With 2 Filters)
Water Filtration System(With 6 Filters)
Hybrid Filter
RO(Reverse Osmosis) Filter
1 RO Filter+3 Hybird Filters
1 RO Filter+2 Hybird Filters
100W Solar Panel+Water Purifier
500W Power Station+Water Purifier

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Get unlimited healthy drinking water anywhere

Portable Water Filter

Portable Design

The portable design makes water filtration easy,get unlimited healthy drinking water anywhere.

Unlimited Water Sources

Filter water from ponds to streams and any freshwater source. Fast, convenient, portable water filtration has never been this simple and effective.
Outdoor water filters filter water from various sources
Outdoor water filter filters stream water

Multiple Filtering Steps

We carefully use the most safest filtration steps include PP-Cotton, Activated Carbon, and Reverse Osmosis
ITEHIL filter element multiple filtration steps
Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Electrical Control

Electric Power

Built-in dual 6,000 mAh batteries paired with USB-C charging allow push-button access to drinking water anywhere.
ITEHIL hybrid filter element

Hybrid Filter

PP-Cotton filters out large particles like sediment and rust, while activated carbon absorbs impurities such as chlorine and organic compounds, which improves water quality and taste by removing odors and contaminants.
ITEHIL reverse osmosis filter element

RO(Reverse Osmosis) Membranes Filter

Reverse Osmosis filters virtually all impurities with nano-scale membranes featuring microscopic pores (0.1 nm or 0.0001 microns).

Powerful Smart Mini Self-Priming Pump

Powerful smart mini self-priming pump

Fast Self-Priming Filtration

Multi-step filtration makes it easy to filter water sources including but not limited to:
rain runoff, springs, lakes, ponds, rivers, swimming pools, swamp water, soda, coffee, sweat, and even urine!

TDS Test

The TDS value is often used to verify the purification effect of the water purifier. In the process of checking the quality of the water purifier, the higher the TDS value, the greater the concentration of harmful heavy metal ions in the water. The TDS value of the water purified by the ITEHIL water purifier reaches the US drinking water standard between 0-50.

Tested And Certified:


key specs

Water Filtration System Filter Types
Filter Lifetime

RO:600-800 gallons 
Hybrid:300-400 gallons

Water Filtration System Flow Rate
Flow Rate

17 fl oz & 500ml

Water Filtration System Output Capacity
Output Capacity


Water Filtration System Compatible Sources
Filter Sources


Water Filtration System Pore Size
Pore Size


Water Filtration System Weight

13 lbs
5.8 kg

Water Filtration System Battery

6000mAh X 2

Water Filtration System Charging Time

2-3 hours full

(Note: The filter lifetime listed is from a general outdoor water source. If cleaner sources are used, such as tap water, the lifetime will be extended.)

Specs in the picture

  • 1


  • 2

    Water inlet

  • 3

    RO Filter

  • 4

    Hybrid Filter

  • 5

    Filter Cover

  • 6

    Charging Port (USB-C)

  • 7

    Turn ON/OFF Button

  • 8

    Filter Life Reset Button

  • 9

    Indicator Light

    • Charging indicator
    • Running indicator
    • Filter replacement indicator

Reverse osmosis water filter structure diagram
Water purifier boxes and kits
(The water outlet component has been improved in our latest version,you can directly insert the pipe into the water outlet, and then press the ring of the water outlet to pop out the water outlet pipe. It's more convenient than the previous version )
Drinking Water Filter FAQs

asked questions

Does it remove minerals?

Yes, reverse osmosis membranes remove minerals while removing heavy metals,but as long as you have a normal diet, you don't need get the minerals from the water, but from the food, most of the bottled water we drink uses reverse osmosis technology, People who drank them regularly also had no problems, Like: 
  • Penta Water
  • Aquafina water from Pepsi company
  • Niagara Purified Water
  • Dasani Water from Coca-cola company

How to store the unit?
Remove the inlet from the water source and allow the machine to run until the outlet tubes run dry. Then store the machine and filters in a dry place.
Flow rate of drinking water?
17 fl oz & 500ml per minute

Can it filter seawater?

No, the ITEHIL RO is not a desalination device and is designed for freshwater sources.

Lifetime of filters?

RO Filter:600-800 Gallons 
Hybrid Filter:300-400 Gallons 
Battery:2000 full cycles/about 15 years
(Note: The filter lifetime listed is from a general outdoor water source. If cleaner sources are used, such as tap water, the lifetime will be extended.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Kenton Wolfe
Well made unit

Very happy to have a mobile water purification for home use and camping.

Jack Cathcart
Ro water filter

Works as advertised, peace of mind knowing we can always have clean water.

It works and worth the $$$

Upon receiving my unit, I unboxed it right away, read the instructions and flushed the filters for about 10 minutes. I tested my well water...I ran some water through my carbon filter and it read 50ppm...and then ran it through the Itehil unit, then it read 8ppm...WOW!! what a difference. Have to say so far I'm loving the unit!!

Reverse osmosis water filter

I don't think have much personal experience with it yet but other reviewers have had good experiences. The 5 stars is for having a product that is very portable and giving the ability to have clean drinking water regardless of chemicals or viruses etc from most any source. A great option for campers or anyone wanting to be sure their water is safe.

Charles Shirley
Good to go for dirty to clean water

Well it arrived very well packaged. Watched several videos online and when I opened the box I already knew what to expect.
The product performs as advertised.
Water tastes like water not a chemical factory.
Should have this for as long as the system performs as advertised.
Setting the filters was not an issue just takes a little effort to install the filters.
Can't say much else only time will tell.
Hope I never 'have to ' use it in a crisis.