Portable Outdoor Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
Portable household PP cotton + activated carbon + reverse osmosis membrane water filtration system
Portable outdoor PP cotton + activated carbon water filter
Portable reverse osmosis membrane water filter
Portable household PP cotton + activated carbon + reverse osmosis membrane water filtration system
Portable Home Water Filtration System
Portable reverse osmosis membranes and hybrid filters
Portable reverse osmosis membrane water filter

ITEHIL Portable RO Water Filtration System

$349.00 USD $249.00 USD SAVE $100.00 USD
  • PP-Cotton+ Activated Carbon + RO(Reverse Osmosis) Membranes can remove Bacteria、Viruses、Parasite、Heavy Metals、Pesticide、Polyvinyl Chloride、PFAS and everything harmfully
  • Electric Self-priming pump,offer 17 fl oz & 500ml drinking water per minute
  • Portable design for use it anytime、anywhere,outdoors、home or emergency
  • Built-in 2*6000mah battery,USB-C/TYPE-C charging

Option: Water Filtration System (With 2 Filters)

Water Filtration System (With 2 Filters)
Water Filtration System(With 6 Filters)
Hybrid Filter
RO(Reverse Osmosis) Filter
1 RO Filter+3 Hybird Filters
1 RO Filter+2 Hybird Filters
100W Solar Panel+Water Purifier
500W Power Station+Water Purifier

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Get unlimited healthy drinking water anywhere

Portable Water Filter

Portable Design

Portable Design make water filtration more easy,get unlimited healthy drinking water everywhere

Filter water in various water source

From ponds to rivers to streams, ITEHIL at the any fresh water source for fast and convenient water percolation,portable water filtration has never been this simple.
Outdoor water filters filter water from various sources
Outdoor water filter filters stream water
Outdoor water filter filters pond water

Multiple Filtering Step

We carefully use the Most Safest Filtration step,PP-Cotton+Activated Carbon Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Filtration
ITEHIL filter element multiple filtration steps
Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Electrical Control

Electric Control

Built-in 2X6000mah batteries, USB-C charging, just click the button to enjoying drinking water anywhere
ITEHIL hybrid filter element

Hybrid Filter

PP-Cotton filters out large particles like sediment and rust, while activated carbon adsorbs impurities such as chlorine and organic compounds, improving water quality and taste by removing odors and contaminants.
ITEHIL reverse osmosis filter element

RO(Reverse Osmosis) Membranes Filter

ITEHIL can truly filter erverything harmfullly without H2O due to its RO (Reverse Osmosis)membranes with nano-scale pores (0.1 nm), smaller than other ordinary membranes (10-100 nm)

Powerful Smart Mini Self-Priming Pump

Powerful smart mini self-priming pump

Fast Self-Priming Filtration

Mutil-Setp Filtration make it easy to filter water source like: Rain、Spring 、Lake 、Pond 、River 、Pool 、Swamp、Wetland、 Cola、Coofee、Sweat even Urine and more fresh water source...

Tested And Certified:

ITEHIL Water Purifier FDA
(ITS100G-HW is in the process of NSF58 certification.)

key specs

Water Filtration System Filter Types
Filter Lifetime

RO:600-800 gallons 
Hybrid:300-400 gallons

Water Filtration System Flow Rate
Flow Rate

17 fl oz & 500ml

Water Filtration System Output Capacity
Output Capacity


Water Filtration System Compatible Sources
Filter Sources


Water Filtration System Pore Size
Pore Size


Water Filtration System Weight

13 lbs
5.8 kg

Water Filtration System Battery

6000mAh X 2

Water Filtration System Charging Time

2-3 hours full

(Note:The filter life time here is from general outdoor water source. If you use it at home to filter water sources such as tap water, the life time will be longer.)

Specs in the picture

  • 1


  • 2

    Water inlet

  • 3

    RO Filter

  • 4

    Hybrid Filter

  • 5

    Filter Cover

  • 6

    Charging Port (USB-C)

  • 7

    Turn ON/OFF Button

  • 8

    Filter Life Reset Button

  • 9

    Indicator Light

    • Charging indicator
    • Running indicator
    • Filter replacement indicator

Reverse osmosis water filter structure diagram
Water purifier boxes and kits
(The water outlet component is cancelled in our new version,you can directly insert the pipe into the water outlet, and then press the ring of the water outlet to pop out the water outlet pipe. This is more convenient than the previous version )
Drinking Water Filter FAQs

asked questions

Flow rate of driinking water?
17 fl oz & 500ml  = 1 bootle water per minute

Can it filter seawater?

No,just for freshwater,you can filter from Rain、Spring 、Lake 、Pond 、River 、Pool 、Swamp、Wetland... any freshwater source

Lifetime of filters?

RO Filter:600-800 Gallons 
Hybrid Filter:300-400 Gallons 
Battery:2000 full cycles/about 15 years
(Note:The filter life time here is from general outdoor water source. If you use it at home to filter water sources such as tap water, the life time will be longer.)

How to charge it?

You can charge it with USB-C charger,or you can use our solar panel or power station to charge it 

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Terrence Hamilton

Great for emergency preparedness. Thanks, ITEHIL!

Kerry Murray
Great value

This product does what it says is good for the price reliable sturdy and a must have in any situation for a camping hunting or if just your water goes bad in your area do the bikes or whatever this device will take any dirty water and make a drinkable. It recommended to all my friends.

edward schmidt

everything looks great but it is for a emergency and i dont want to waste the filters otherwise shipping was quick and no damage.

Greg Christy
Performs as advertised.

Quick and easy.

James Doty
Would recommend.

Works perfectly as advertised. Very quiet, easy to charge. Great product and I would surely recommend for anyone who is prepping and / or living the van life, bus life or anything like this. It is everything is said that it is.