The Ultimate Guide to the Best Cold Brew Coffee Cups of 2024

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Cold Brew Coffee Cups of 2024

Regular coffee drinkers can easily find that in the past two years, cold brew coffee has been in the limelight in the United States, whether it is in coffee shops, or on social software is often a topic of discussion. The following will take you to explore the benefits of cold brew coffee cups, and how to choose cold brew coffee cups, and other related questions.

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee, also known as ice brew coffee, cold brew coffee, or cold brew coffee. Cold brew is one of the extraction methods of coffee, and the extraction mentioned here is different from the chemical term, which is the process of dissolving flavor and aromatic substances from the ground coffee after roasting. Common coffee extraction methods are mainly divided into cold and hot extraction, that is, cold water or hot water to extract. Ice drops and cold bubbles are common ways of cold brew. The ice American we usually drink is hot espresso + ice cubes, so it is essentially hot brew coffee.

Because cold brew uses cold water, and the dissolution rate of coffee in cold water is lower than in hot water, cold brew can take longer. Usually, the ice drops need to wait for 6 to 8 hours, and the cold bubble time is longer, generally more than 8 hours. Therefore, the price of cold brew coffee in coffee shops is usually much higher than that of hot brew coffee.

The benefits of cold brew coffee

Cold brew VS hot coffee

Low temperature and long extraction time are the two most prominent characteristics of cold brew coffee compared with traditional hot extraction coffee.

Hot coffee is extracted through hot water and coffee beans, according to the different grinding times, generally not more than 5 minutes, through the pressure accelerated extraction of Italian concentrated the fastest, only 18-23 seconds.

Hot coffee extraction: hot water, ≤5 minutes.

Cold brew coffee is extracted by cold water, and the extraction time is much longer than that of hot coffee. It takes more than 12 hours to complete a cup of cold brew coffee extraction.

Cold brew coffee extraction: cold water, ≥12 hours.

Cold Brew Coffee VS Other Iced Coffees

The difference between cold brew coffee and other ordinary iced coffees is the difference between low-temperature extraction and iced coffee. Simply put, other types of iced coffee are made by adding ice to hot coffee to cool it down, and the melted water will dilute the coffee.

Cold brew coffee is originally made with cold water, and adding ice has little effect on the concentration of coffee. Add cold water and use a professional extraction machine for low-temperature extraction.

Low temperature and long extraction time are the two main characteristics of cold brew coffee, and they are also the two main differences between cold brew coffee and hot brew coffee. Hot brew coffee is extracted from coffee beans with hot water, and the temperature is between 82-95 ℃, generally not more than 5 minutes.

The fastest espresso is only 18-23 seconds, while cold brew coffee takes much longer than hot brew coffee. This is also the reason why Starbucks and many coffee shops need to sell cold brew coffee in limited quantities.

Although the name of iced coffee is similar to cold brew coffee, it is completely different, such as iced hand brewing. This type of coffee refers to cold brew coffee that is extracted quickly with hot water and then added with ice cubes or cooled rapidly.

The temperature of cold brew coffee can be achieved even when the production speed is slow, but the coffee still goes through a process of first hot and then cold. If the ratio is not well controlled, the melted water will dilute the coffee, and the high-temperature process causes the coffee to undergo the same changes as hot brewing.

Why use cold brew coffee cups?

Cold brew coffee cups are designed for making and storing cold brew coffee, so there are many advantages to using cold brew coffee cups, as follows:

  • Portability and convenience: Cold brew coffee cups are often designed to be portable and easy to carry around, allowing you to enjoy cold brew coffee anytime, anywhere.
  • Reduce environmental impact: Reusable cold brew coffee cups can reduce the use of single-use plastic cups, thus reducing the environmental impact.
  • Keep it warm: Some cold brew coffee cups are insulated to keep the coffee warm for longer.
  • Customization options: Cold brew coffee cups are usually available in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs, allowing you to choose according to your preferences.

Types of cold brew coffee cups

There are many types of cold brew coffee cups, including thermos cups, glass bottles,

Thermos cups: Thermos cups keep coffee warm for longer and are perfect for travel or outdoor activities.

Glass bottles: Glass bottles provide a clean, tasteless cold brew coffee experience and are easy to clean. But easy to break, and carrying is not very convenient.

Travel mugs: Travel mugs usually have a leak-proof design and are easy to carry and suitable for enjoying cold brew coffee on the go.

Therefore, thermos cups and travel cups have become the first choice of many travel enthusiasts. Like ITEHIL cold brew coffee cups.

Factors to consider when choosing a cold brew coffee mug

When choosing a coffee cup, may seem simple, but there are many issues to consider. Such as material, capacity, lid design, and durability. Only by understanding these issues can you find a cold brew cup that is right for you.


Glass: transparent and beautiful, easy to observe coffee extraction, fragile.

Stainless steel: durable, not fragile, good insulation effect.

Plastic: Lightweight, portable, and inexpensive.

Ceramic: good insulation effect, beautiful and generous, fragile.


It is recommended that individuals use 300-500ml to meet their daily needs. Family users need to find more than 1000ml, you can make more than one cup of coffee at a time. If you want to drink a cup of coffee while working, driving, camping, or cycling, it is recommended to choose a portable cold brew cup with a smaller capacity. For example ITEHIL portable cold brew coffee cup.

Lid design

Choose a lid design that is well-sealed and dust-proof, while being easy to remove and clean. Convenient for repeated use next time.


Choose safe, sturdy, and durable materials, it is recommended to choose environmentally friendly ABS+PC materials made of cold brew coffee cups.

Where to buy quality cold brew coffee cups

There are many types of cold brew coffee cups on the market, and it takes some thought to buy high-quality cold brew coffee cups. ITEHIL portable cold brew coffee cups have become the first choice for users with their fast cold brew technology. It uses advanced vacuum extraction and a powerful pump. The traditional cold brew coffee brewing time used to be 10 hours. With the ITEHIL cold brew coffee cup, it directly changes from 10 hours to 15 minutes.

At the same time, with a portable and lightweight design, you can take it with you to drink cold brew coffee in different places. Built-in 1200mah battery, USB-C charging, each charge can provide 10 cold brews. The lid is made of environmentally friendly ABS+PC material, both are BPA-free, very suitable for daily use, and easy to clean and maintain the coffee cup.

How to make cold brew coffee with ITEHIL coffee cup

Please watch the following video for the specific process of making cold brew coffee in an ITEHIL coffee cup, so that you can enjoy cold brew coffee anytime, anywhere.


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