Solutions for Outdoor Performance Live Broadcast Electricity---Portable LiFePO4 Power Station

LiFePO4 power station

The solution for outdoor performance live broadcast electricity---Portable LiFePO4 power station. The Outdoor Live Broadcast Portable LiFePO4 power station solves the regional restrictions on electricity consumption, solves the problem of outdoor live broadcast electricity, and facilitates people's life and work. The outdoor live broadcast electricity market will be huge, and I am willing to explore this market with interested people.

The solution for outdoor performance live broadcast power consumption---Portable LiFePO4 power station

With the rapid development of the music industry, outdoor performances by music lovers; and performance marketing activities have gradually become popular. As people’s requirements for activities are getting higher and higher, there are more and more event planning tricks to attract customers quickly. His vision, especially for holding an outdoor event. Since the controllability of outdoor performance activities is much worse than that of indoor activities, and planning an outdoor performance activity is much more complicated than indoor activities, there will be more problems to be faced-such as outdoor Problems with electricity.

Portable outdoor LiFePO4 power station can fully solve this problem. As it is an emerging industry, there is no specific plan for outdoor performance-related electrical equipment. The main reason is that the power of the speakers of the electrical equipment is slightly larger. Usually no more than 200W. You can use a 500W portable LiFePO4 power station, which can last about 150 minutes. If you require longer use time, you can consider using 1000W portable LiFePO4 power station, which can be used for 5-6 hours.

With the development of society, the live broadcast industry has grown stronger. There are live broadcast fans all over the world, and some people regard it as a profession. There are also more and more anchors and internet celebrities. The topics of the live broadcast have gradually become similar. The location area of the live broadcast has gradually moved from indoor to outdoor, such as the seaside, the top of a building, the top of a mountain, and so on. However, when the live broadcast room is set outside, one problem is often encountered-the problem of electricity.

Some people say using a generator, this is indeed a way, but who can stand the noise of the generator. Some people say that using a very long wire is too impractical. LiFePO4 power station of its practical ITEHIL power station series is enough! No need to be so complicated, easy to solve the problem of electricity use.

ITEHIL’s LiFePO4 power station uses environmentally-friendly, small, large-capacity, and light-weight LiFePO4 battery packs to make portable AC and DC power supplies. The outdoor live broadcast power supply has 220V AC output and 24V, 12V, 5V and other multiple DC outputs. It can meet the electricity demand of all live broadcast equipment.

The LiFePO4 power station we developed and manufactured is specially designed for mobile emergency. The product is light in weight, high in capacity, and high in power. It has unique DC & AC voltage output, and each voltage is high current output, which is unmatched by similar products. The product uses high-performance LiFePO4 battery as an energy storage backup. It is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry, providing reliable power supply for various emergency scenarios. If your LiFePO4 power station is out of power outdoors, you can also use other solar panels to charge the LiFePO4 power station. If you use our ITEHIL solar panel to charge the LiFePO4 power station, the charging speed will be faster.

LiFePO4 power station has a wide range of uses, covering various application scenarios: medical care, environmental protection, scientific research, communications, Internet, electricity, office, outdoor power, home backup, etc. Our LiFePO4 power station ranges from civil to industrial use, with small or large capacity, stylish appearance, fashionable style, and meets any requirements of your choice!


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