How to Power your Outdoor Christmas Decorations?

LiFePO4 Power Station

As Christmas is approaching, everyone must have prepared the decorations needed for Christmas! Because of Christmas, many friends have come to ask me these days, they want to decorate the exterior of the house, but there is only one fixed socket, and it is not an outdoor fixed socket. What should I do at this time? I think many people are very distressed, so today we will talk about how to power your Christmas decorations?

LiFePO4 Power Station

Christmas decoration power supply method:
1. Use existing fixed socket
2. Use a generator
3. Use Portable power station
Using existing fixed outdoor sockets outside is the fastest and easiest way to power your holiday lights. However, this is not the only way. And there are some drawbacks, let me tell you about these three charging methods.

Use existing fixed socket
When charging the Christmas decorations, you just plug the power supply plug of the Christmas decorations directly into the fixed socket outdoors. If you don't have an outdoor socket, you can use an adapter and screw it into the corridor light to use the lamp holder.

If there are no outdoor fixed sockets and porch lights, you can also use an extension cord to connect an external extension cord from your home through a window or garage. Here it is best to use a heavy-duty extension cord, which can handle the appropriate amount of power required for long-distance transmission more easily than ordinary extension cords.

Heavy-duty outdoor extension cords can be paired with waterproof power piles. Some of them have built-in photocells and timers, allowing them to turn on your decorations when it's dark, and turn them off at the time of your choice.

Use generator
Buying a diesel generator or gasoline generator can also be used directly outdoors, but it is not recommended to use a generator because it costs too much and far exceeds the budget for Christmas decorations. Of course, it is not impossible for you to have extra budget.

There are many aspects to pay attention to when using the generator outdoors. A little carelessness will cause serious disasters. When using the generator, it should be placed outdoors or in a well-ventilated place in the machine room, not close to doors, windows and vents to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the room. Secondly, before adding fuel, the generator should be turned off and added after the generator has cooled down to prevent the fuel from splashing on the higher temperature parts and catching fire, causing disasters.

Use Portable power station
Without considering the use of fixed sockets and generators, you can use a portable power station, which is reasonably priced, about 60% less than the generator budget. Moreover, the portable power station can be used in emergencies, as well as during camping. In short, it can be used anywhere. If you like outdoor activities or camping, portable power station is highly recommended.

High-power and large-capacity portable power stations will support AC, USB, and DC output. The multi-interface design can meet the application of more products at the same time. It supports three charging methods: solar panel charging, car charging, and city charging. Compared with generators, it can be used in a wider range and more convenient. And it is safer than the above generators. It will not have many concerns like generators, because portable power stations are basically equipped with four protection functions of over temperature protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, and short circuit protection. , So it is more safe and reliable.


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