How Do Solar Panels Save Energy?

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Before understanding how solar panels store electricity, let's first popularize how solar panels generate electricity. as follows:

Sunlight shines on the semiconductor p-n junction to form new hole-electron pairs. Under the action of the p-n junction electric field, holes flow from the p-zone to the n-zone, and electrons flow from the n-zone to the p-zone, and a current is formed after the circuit is turned on. This is the working principle of photovoltaic effect solar cells. There are two conversion methods for solar energy:

1.The light-heat-electric conversion method uses the heat generated by solar radiation to generate electricity. The solar collector converts the absorbed heat into vapor of the working fluid, and then drives the steam turbine to generate electricity.

2.The light-electricity direct conversion method uses the photoelectric effect to directly convert solar radiant energy into electrical energy. The basic device of the light-electricity conversion is the solar cell. A solar cell is a device that directly converts sunlight energy into electrical energy due to the photovoltaic effect. It is a semiconductor photodiode. When the sun shines on the photodiode, the photodiode will turn the sun’s light energy into electrical energy to produce Current.

After understanding the working principle of the solar panels above, we return to the topic, how solar panels store electricity.

The solar cell itself does not have the function of storing electricity. It only absorbs light and uses the photoelectric effect to convert light energy into electrical energy, and cannot be stored directly. If you need to store power, you need a controller and a battery. The diode of the solar battery is connected to the controller (which can control the transmission current), and the controller is connected to the battery (the battery itself stores power), and then start The controller and battery can store the power of the solar battery.

ITEHIL foldable solar panel


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