Why ITEHIL RO Water Purifier is more expensive than LifeStraw or Brita?

Why ITEHIL RO Water Purifier is more expensive than LifeStraw or Brita?

The main difference is in the production materials, that is, the water purification effect is different.

The main filter material of LifeStraw and Brita is activated carbon while the main filter material of ITEHIL Camping water filter is RO membrane + activated carbon

The filtration precision of RO membrane is 1/10000 of a micron, which is the filter element with the highest filtration precision at present. It can filter harmful substances in water such as bacteria, heavy metals, organic matter, residual chlorine and colloids .

The minimum pore size of the PP cotton filter element is 1 micron and it can only partially filter out impurities in water.

ITEHIL focuses on outdoor water purification, while LifeStraw and Brita focus on household water purification. We know that household water purification is filtered municipal purified water, that is, it is mainly used to filter residual chlorine odor and so on.

Outdoor water purification cannot stop at this function. The quality of outdoor water sources is uneven and contains many microorganisms (viruses or bacteria). Our primary consideration for outdoor water purification is to filter viruses and bacteria. At present, this filtering effect can be achieved. The material is only RO membrane.

The second is the amount of purified water. The amount of purified water depends on the amount of materials. The ITEHIL Camping Water Purifier can filter out about 7 gallons of purified water once charged, which is enough for 3-4 adults to live outdoors. If coupled with our solar panels and power station, customers do not need to worry about the needs of drinking water and domestic water when they are outdoors at all. Even with only solar panels, ITEHIL Water Purifier can provide enough pure water during the day.

ITEHIL is a brand that focuses on serving outdoor sports enthusiasts. We will continue to study and solve the pain points of customers in the outdoors.


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