Electric Cold Brew Coffee Cup Black
Electric Cold Brew Coffee Cup Sky Blue
Portable Electric Cold Brew Coffee Cup
Portable Electric Cold Brew Coffee Cup 1200mAh Battery Powered
Portable Electric Cold Brew Coffee Cup USB-C Charging
Humanized design of electric cold brew coffee cup
Electric cold brew coffee mug is sturdy and durable
Electric cold brew coffee cup allows you to drink coffee directly
Electric cold brew coffee cup is compact and lightweight

ITEHIL Electric Cold Brew Coffee Cup

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  • All-In-One cold brew coffee solution,No need hot extraction + cooling , 15-minutes cold brew revolution
  • Portable light-weight design,use it anywhere、anytime
  • Built-in 1200mah battery,USB-C charging,offer 10 times of cold brew per charge
  • Baby-safe Tritan + Eco-Friendly ABS+PC material,Dishwasher-Safe

Size: 300ml-450ml


Color: Black

Sky Blue

All-In-One Cold Brew Coffee Solutio

Traditional coffee makers often leave much to be desired. They demand hot water, involve a cumbersome brewing process, entail long waiting times, and ultimately deliver a rather weak coffee flavor. Moreover, these coffee makers are not only troublesome to clean but also leave behind unpleasant odors, making the entire process quite vexing. But ITEHIL providing an unprecedented solution for you.
Electric Cold Brew Coffee Cup All-in-one Cold Brew Coffee Solution

Start in double-tap

Simply double tap the button to power up enter automatic working mode, making the process of crafting cold brew coffee effortlessly enjoyable. Place your coffee grounds into the designated coffee filter, then twist and secure it into the main unit.
Electric Cold Brew Coffee Cup Double Click Button

How it works?

ITEHIL represents the cutting-edge technology of cold brew. By employing the principles of vacuum extraction and a powerful self-developed pump, it has successfully reduced the traditional 10-hour cold brew process to just 15 minutes!
Working principle diagram of electric cold brew coffee cup

Visualizing Brewing Process

When brewing, you can clearly observe the coffee maker's operation. Once it starts working, you'll hear the continuous sound of compression and extraction, with noise levels as low as 48 decibels. Within just 30 seconds, you can witness the change in the coffee's color.
Electric cold brew coffee cup visualizes the brewing process

15-Min Cold Brew Revolution

With just 22 grams of coffee grounds and 350ml of pure water, ITEHIL can produce a cold brew coffee of the same concentration as traditional coffee makers that take 24 hours. This not only saves on coffee grounds but also significantly reduces the brewing time!
Electric Cold Brew Coffee Cup 15-Minute Cold Brew Coffee Revolution

Adapt Car Cup Holder

The ITEHIL is no longer confined to indoor use. You can place it in your car's cup holder and take it outdoors. If you're a coffee enthusiast who loves to travel, the ITEHIL is your top choice. It's so delightful to savor delicious coffee even on the go during your travels.
Portable electric cold brew coffee cup fits into car cup holder

Drink Your Coffee Directly

ITEHIL Cold Brew Coffee Cup features a top opening and lid, you can open the lid to drink the coffee directly or effortlessly pour it into another container.
Portable electric coffee cup for drinking coffee anytime, anywhere

Safe、Robust and Durable Material

To create a robust, durable, and stylish ITEHIL All-In-One Cold Brew Coffee Cup, we carefully selected quality materials. The cup is made of baby-safe Tritan material, and the lid is crafted from eco-friendly ABS+PC material, both free from BPA, great for daily use, easy cleaning and maintenance.
Portable electric coffee cup made from safe, sturdy and durable materials

key parameter

Coffee Cup Cold Brew Time
Cold Brew Time

15 Minutes

Coffee Cup Material

Tritan + ABS

Coffee Cup Capacity


Coffee Cup Extraction Times
Extraction Times

10 times / Charge

Coffee Cup Filter Pore Size
Filter Pore Size

100 mesh

Coffee Cup Weight

0.675 kg

Coffee Cup Battery


Coffee Cup Charging Time
Charging Time

2-3 Hours

Special Note:

  • Please make sure to use the Powder Blocking Cover to cover the hole in the middle of the filter , or prevent powder from entering the hole in the middle of the filter
  • This appliance is only suitable for water at normal temperature. Please do not use water that is hotter than human body temperature for extraction
  • Do not use coffee powder with sugar, otherwise too much sugar may clog the vacuum compressor
  • When cleaning the lid, keep the switch and charging port away from water