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Great LiFePO4 Battery

ITEHIL battery is LiFePO4, and just spend $400 to get it, I think that's cost-effective, while Jackery old ternary lithium battery still needs $500.

Living in Florida

Wile living in Florida I realized that I needed a back-up for the generator. Yeah the generator will keep my fridge and freezer working, but it doesn’t really address the need to recharge smart phones and power a small fan if the power goes out. So originally I did order and purchase a cheaper power supply from a unknown brand. And as soon as I saw this and read about it here on this site. I immediately sent the other brand back and bought this one. So very impressed. Charges fast and everything worked and no defects. It’s a beauty and a keeper. The display gives a lot more information than what others give. And the outer shell is very sturdy and the handle. Although I was worried about the handle because of the weight of the power supply (it’s not that heavy). But after looking at it and seeing how the handle is connected I quickly realized that it’s nothing to worry about and that it won’t break while I’m transporting the unit from place to place.
As for questions I had? I was quickly responded to with answers from Ivy (great person). I do wish it had cover plugs for the outlets or a carrying case so I can store it and not worry about it except to recharge it every so often. I’m very happy with the price and quality of this item and the other stuff I purchased here on this site. Also regarding a quick delivery. I wouldn’t pay the extra $19.99 cost for a faster service because the shipping/delivery service and Covid has slowed things down. So just be patient and it will get to you within 5-8 days.
Don’t forget to download the warranty and instruction manual for the power supply and solar panel.

On a quick note you can put a outlet plug protector in the ac outlets. That’s what I’m going to do anyway. It’s a cheap and easy solution that will give me peace of mind.

It's a great emergency power station for us.

I like that this ITEHIL IT500 has a LiFeP04 battery (should be durable).
I bought this unit with a discount coupon so felt it was a good value. We've had one power outage since we received this unit. it works with about a total 200w load (fan, several LED lights) and the outage lasted about 3 hours. The battery was barely drained and the unit was pretty quiet while running.
and I noticed something interesting, it turns out that leaving the front panels turned off when there's nothing plugged into them, it does appear to automatically turn off.
So I asked the seller how long the battery can last without any output. They told me it will last 3-5 years, but for battery life, it needs to be recharged every three months. That's mean after the first full charge, they stay ready when we need them any time. It's a great emergency power station for us.

Portable RO water filter

Unclear as to how many liters or gallons the filters will handle. Instruction book says monthly. At $30 each, using for camping only, how can you store the unit without replacing filters. Price point seems about right. Best water to drink, !!

Quality purchase

This power station checks all the boxes. I ran a CPAP machine for 4 nights (8 hours) and still had 10% left in the power station after the 4th night.

Excellent !!

I heard about this on Pinball Preparedness when he did a review of the 500, I knew this was just what I needed ! Small, enough out put to run my fans, computer and internet service ! And maybe charge a phone. It does all that with power to spare !! Every one doesnt need to run a whole house on a generator, or even a freezer or fridge. This one really fits the bill for a lower power need. Ans at a great price. I would have locked a better manual, but since I saw it on pinball, I just reviewed his video. I do still have a question ,Should I leave it plugged in to the wall after fully charged or should it be un plugged ? It really is a great little generator, perfect for my needs. It even powered my basic sewing machine !!!

Easy to carry around and versatile

Perfect for a Cpap machine when camping.

Really worth it

I ended up getting two 100watt solar panels and the adapter and I don’t regret anything about it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. The panels are sturdy just like the power supply that I purchased a week prior.


When I purchased the second solar panel I knew there is an accessory pack that I would have to get for it. It was affordable and seemed that it would be just fine. However Ivy said they upgraded the accessory and because of that it will look different. I didn’t mind as I was told that if I wanted the older model of adapter to just send it back and they can swap it out. When I got the upgraded accessory.
When I got the upgraded accessory connectors. I was even more excited about it because of just being able to connect 2 solar panels I can connect 4. Not that I need 4 panels. And how it connected was even easier. However if you think about it “if” any single connector failed or got damaged of the 4 I would still have 3 other connectors. And I’m all about backups. No regrets here

ITEHIL LiFePO4 Solar Generator

Great item

The yellow XT60 port from the power station comes out like crazy, charges up faster with ITEHIL solar panel than other panels.

Little Heavy

It's a little heavy for new LiFePO4 batterry, but good works, backup for when power fails.

Good for camping

If you need something for camping, and this is your only power source, then it is perfect. But you will need to charge it each day.

Perfect Dispaly!

Really like the crystal clear display with all the input and output information that is displayed.


We bought this one as a stop-gap measure for the time, knowing that we will need a much larger unit later on.

Only 1.5 hours to full charge, AMAZING!

I bought it for my future vacation, i got it yesterday (before Christams, nice) and test it with my 4*100 solar panel (on winter, the season with the weakest sunlight), through XT60 port, full charge just 1.5 hours, that's amazing, you guys need get one anyway.

Another Way Charge my Solar Power

That's nice, solar batteries be charged with fuel generator when weather is cloudy for a day or two.

Excellent machine

Collecting water is not the most prominent needs today but will soon be. This is why my ITEHL water purifier will be essential for my family. It is great to use on water collect in my rain barrel from my roof.

Fun in the sun!

I am in the experimental faze. A solar rookie in fact. But I do research theses portable panels fit my budget. They were shipped promptly with no damage and all the accessories were included as described. So when I start to run the panels I would be happy to give another honest unbiased review. What better place to run solar then Florida the sunshine state.

ITEHIL LiFePO4 Solar Generator


It’s nice to see some real quality stuff come out at a affordable price. I was so impressed with the first solar panel that I purchased another one. And I love the fact that I don’t have buyers remorse. Both panels were in perfect condition and they charge the power supply fast. Love the products I got here.

Great panels

I already own the It500 and 2 panels. Having 4 with the It500 rocks. I also charge my trolling motor battery with the 4 panels with a mppt controller. Great products

Great power bank! Runs both of our CPAPs for multiple days.

I bought this to be a backup for our CPAPs for power outages. During our testing we found we can easily run one of our CPAPs for four nights or both of them for two full nights before needing to recharge (with charge to spare). Note* Both of our CPAPs were running on DC (cigarettes' plugs - a second cigarettes' adapter is generously included) and with the humidifier and heated hoses turned off. The piece of mind we get knowing we can still get a great nights sleep even when the power is off is a great relief. When paired with the 100w portable Itehil Solar Panel we were able to get our unit charged back up to almost 100% (when there is full sun and we rotate the panel to follow the sun). The supplied power adapter also charges this up in about 4 to 5 hours. I will be recommending this unit to friends and family. So much better then the Jackery. Don't get me wrong, the Jackery is good, but this is just better. I was really impressed that they include all of the needed accessory's at that price point. Great buy.

Best Choice

After a month of reviews and comparing similar panel construction, materials, accessories and price I have made the right decision. Satisfied completely with 100 watt panel.


Great solar generator, super compact, love it. Works great for backup power at my cabin. Will be taking it camping too! Thanks