Is the water filtered by RO water filter healthy?

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Is the water filtered by RO water filter healthy?

An osmotic water purifier is one of the most important pieces of equipment for outdoor activities because it provides us with pure, healthy drinking water. The reverse osmosis water purification process removes all bacteria, viruses, and most salt and heavy metal elements from the water. Although reverse osmosis water purifiers are ideal for filtering bacteria, many people are skeptical about drinking reverse osmosis water. The question they considered was whether reverse osmosis water was safe to drink.

The most common question everyone has about RO reverse osmosis technology is that the water filtered by RO reverse osmosis technology is too clean! The beneficial elements in the water have also been removed. The water lacks minerals, has no nutrients, and is not drinkable?

First of all, you must know that the nutrients and minerals extracted by the human body from water account for only a small part. Most of the nutrients and minerals are obtained from cereals, fruits and vegetables, chicken, eggs, and milk, not from water. . For example, the calcium content in a cup of milk is equal to 1,200 glasses of water, the iron content in a pound of beef is equal to 8,300 glasses of water, and the vitamin content in a cup of orange juice is equal to 3,200 glasses of water. In fact, human nutrition comes from food, and the minerals in water can be fully supplemented through daily food, vegetables, and fruits.

In addition, the main function of water is to transport nutrients in the body and promote the digestion and metabolism of some nutrients. On the other hand, it is to expel metabolism from the body. The role of water in the metabolism of our human body far exceeds the role of water as a nutrient in providing nutrients. If our drinking water is pure, it can naturally retain the minerals and trace elements in it. However, there are too many safety hazards in outdoor water today. For the small amount of beneficial substances in the middle, you have to drink many potentially harmful substances. Isn’t it a bit worth the loss?

Another question is that pure water has a low osmotic pressure and will absorb water in the human body and cause dehydration. First of all, it should be explained that the water produced by the RO reverse osmosis water purifier is almost equal to pure water, not pure water in the complete sense. If you want to achieve a clean purity that can dehydrate people, It needs to be produced in a professional laboratory. In addition, the production of ultrapure water is expensive, and the experiment can be dangerous. No relevant public records have been found yet. So whether it actually makes people dehydrated remains to be verified. And even if it does cause dehydration, it will only happen if you drink a lot of it.



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