Why Outdoor Enthusiasts Chooses ITEHIL Portable Foldable Solar Panel the Photovoltaic System

foldable solar panel

Portable solar panels only need the sun to absorb sunlight anytime and anywhere to generate electricity, and charge mobile phones, tablets, power banks, camping lights, outdoor power supplies and other electronic products with energy storage functions. It has become a favorite for many outdoor enthusiasts. Essential equipment! But for outdoor enthusiasts who are using portable solar panels for the first time, many people just choose based on their feelings and do not have a deep understanding of solar energy, Most of them choose a solar panel that is not suitable for their outdoor electricity needs based on the principle of cheapness.

For outdoor enthusiasts who have used solar panels before, when choosing solar panels again, they will basically choose itehil portable solar panels. This is not only due to the word-of-mouth effect of the ITEHIL brand, but also for other reasons. Why are experts? Do all outdoor enthusiasts choose ITEHIL portable solar panels?

foldable solar panel

ITEHIL, a brand established by outdoor explorers
We are outdoor explorers, designing the best products in the world for other outdoor explorers; ITEHIL, through continuous exploration of the field of solar panels, aims to provide different outdoor enthusiasts with products suitable for their own outdoor electricity needs. The name "explorer" reflects the brand attributes created by ITEHIL. All products are not simply imitating and following, but real discovery and exploration of the in-depth needs of outdoor users. Perhaps many outdoor enthusiasts who have in-depth knowledge of the ITEHIL brand will find that each product of ITEHIL is unique, has its own unique highlights, and can match different electricity needs.

foldable solar panel

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are mountaineering, hiking, cycling, wild fishing, sea cruises, bed car self-driving, RV self-driving, etc., because each way of traveling is different, the electronic products that need to be charged and Electricity consumption is different, so the corresponding solar charging products are also different. Through the exploration of each mode of travel, different products can be developed to solve different needs. It is not simply sitting in the office and making products behind closed doors! ITEHIL is born for adventure and for outdoor lovers!

foldable solar panel

ITEHIL, only make folding solar panels with real charging effect
The effect of solar panels depends on three points: the area of the solar panel, the type of solar panel, and the strength of the sun. Among these three points, the strength of the sun cannot be changed because it is caused by the weather and the sky. Determined by the sun! Therefore, if you want to make solar panels have a charging effect, you must choose solar panels with high quality and high conversion rate. ITEHIL solar panels use the best monocrystalline silicon material, and other materials are also the best in the industry. It is made of materials and currently has the highest conversion rate in the field of portable solar panels.

foldable solar panel

At the same time, in terms of portability, the ITEHIL brand prefers monocrystalline silicon solar panels with a higher conversion rate to reduce the volume and weight of the product under the same rated power conditions. The type of solar panel determines the photoelectric conversion rate of solar panels, because different types of solar panels have different efficiencies in solar power generation. For example, ITEHIL is monocrystalline silicon solar panels can achieve conversion efficiency. The highest is about 23%, while ordinary polycrystalline solar panels can only reach about 20%, which is less than half of ITEHIL. From this aspect, it can be seen that ITEHIL is solar panels are lighter and have higher photoelectric conversion efficiency. So ITEHIL brand is worthy of your choice!

foldable solar panel

ITEHIL is not just a brand that sells products for the sake of selling products

Brands that sell products not just for the sake of selling products, may be difficult to understand at first hearing this sentence. In fact, it is very simple to read carefully. The ITEHIL brand is not only for selling a product, but for creating a brand with more brand awareness, reputation and loyalty. ITEHIL has always taken products, services and after-sales as the core of brand value! In order to allow outdoor enthusiasts to better use solar panels and give full play to the greater performance of solar panels, and for those who do not use solar panels for the first time, the ITEHIL brand will provide one-to-one telephone guidance! As for the product in question, if it is not damaged by man, we can provide 2 years of free renewal service!

As more and more people travel outdoors, perhaps solar panels will become essential equipment for outdoor enthusiasts to travel in the future! For outdoor enthusiasts who don't know how to choose solar panels, maybe after you have a closer look at ITEHIL solar panels, I believe you will make the right choice!


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