What Is ETFE Solar Panel?

100w 18v solar panel

ETFE is a surface material for solar panels, and its chemical expression is ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer. Compared with the smooth and bright of ordinary glass, ETFE will feel uneven when touched by hand, just like the surface of lychee. This material was used for the walls and ceiling of the China Water Cube for the 2008 Olympic Games. It is conceivable that this material must have its advantages.

First of all, the ETFE material is very light. ETFE film is usually less than 0.20 mm thick. When it is used as a packaging material on the surface of a solar panel, the weight of the solar panel will be greatly reduced.Take our ITETHIL100W 18V solar panel as an example, the weight of an ordinary solar panel is about 6.5kg.Our ITETHIL100W 18V solar panel uses ETFE film and the solar panel weighs only 5.38kg.If an ITETHIL100W 18V solar panel is installed on the top of an RV, the overall weight will be 1.12kg less than that of an ordinary solar panel, which greatly reduces the load on the top of the RV.

100w 18v solar panel

In addition to light weight, light transmittance is also his major advantage. The light transmittance of ETFE film can be as high as 95%, It does not block the projection of ultraviolet rays and other light. The transparent dots on its surface can collect sunlight from different angles, and the fine layout can refraction the sunlight to maximize the conversion of solar energy into electricity. Because of its superior light transmittance, in addition to being used as a packaging material for solar panels, ETFE membranes are also widely used in plant exhibition halls, plant greenhouses and other scenes that require sunlight.

Finally, ETFE film has the advantages of high anti-fouling and self-cleaning. The dust on the surface of the solar panel will also affect its power generation efficiency, so it needs to be cleaned regularly, and because the friction coefficient of the ETFE film itself is very small, dust and dirt are "untenable" on this slippery surface. So even if there is dirt on the surface, as long as it rains, it can be washed very clean, saving a lot of cleaning work (it also shows that the ETFE membrane has strong water resistance). The waterproof level of the ITETHIL 100W 18V solar panel Reached IPX4.

In addition, the ETFE film meets the B1 and DIN4102 fire rating standards, and will not spontaneously ignite in the event of a fire and will not produce any combustible droplets or particles, so it will not promote the spread of flames. ETFE film has a service life of at least 25-35 years, and it will not be degraded when exposed to the environment for a long time, which means it has long-lasting durability and can be baptized by wind and rain together with RVs.


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