LiFePO4 Power Station Maintenance Method

LiFePO4 power station

LiFePO4 power station maintenance method

1. Since the LiFePO4 battery does not have a memory effect, it can be charged as needed, but it should be noted that the power station cannot be over-discharged. Over-discharge will cause irreversible capacity loss. When the machine warns that the battery is low, it will start charging immediately.

2. In daily use, the newly charged LiFePO4 power station should be put on hold for half an hour, and the charged performance is stable before use, otherwise it will affect the performance of the power station.

3. When not using LiFePO4 power station, be sure to place LiFePO4 power station in a dry and cool place.

4. Pay attention to the use environment of LiFePO4 power station: LiFePO4 power station charging temperature is 0℃~45℃, LiFePO4 power station discharging temperature is -20℃~60℃.

5. Try not to mix the LiFePO4 power station with metal objects, so as to prevent the metal objects from touching the positive and negative electrodes of the LiFePO4 power station, causing a short circuit, damaging the LiFePO4 power station or even causing danger.

6. Do not knock, acupuncture, step on, modify, or expose the LiFePO4 power station to the sun, and do not place the LiFePO4 power station in microwave, high-pressure and other environments.

7. Try to use the power station charger and solar panel provided by the same supplier to charge the LiFePO4 power station. Do not use inferior or other types of power station chargers or solar panels to charge the LiFePO4 power station. E.g:
You are using a LiFePO4 power station of the ITEHIL power station series, so you'd better use the power station charger that you brought with the LiFePO4 power station to charge the LiFePO4 power station. If you want to use a portable solar panel to charge your ITEHIL LiFePO4 For power station charging, it is recommended to use ITEHIL solar panel, so that its charging speed will be faster. If you use other brands of portable solar panels or power station chargers, it may cause mismatched charging ports or inconsistent charging voltages, which may damage your LiFePO4 power station.


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