In addition to Yellowstone, what other beautiful scenery in the United States is waiting for you to explore (for Hiking)

In addition to Yellowstone, what other beautiful scenery in the United States is waiting for you to explore (for Hiking)

Hello everyone, this article wants to take stock of several outstanding American landscapes, all of which need to be prepared to hike through. First of all, I am a person who loves American national parks, and then I especially like hiking and camping. But in recent years, more and more people have gone to the national park to play (some camps have become unclean). I don't like too busy tourist destinations, so I locked in a few beautiful places based on some strategies on the Internet. If you love adventure, the outdoors, hiking, creeks and long rivers, camping and small animals, then please come and check in with me.


1、Havasu Creek

This place can be said it’s the most beautiful and special creek in the United States, and it is also a very, very challenging trail. It is actually an Indian tribe located in the Grand Canyon. If you want to go in, you have to make an appointment on the website in advance to get the permit from the locals. Walking in the river all the way, the process is extremely fun and difficult. The key scenery of the Trail is Havasu Falls and Beaver Falls, and then enjoy the natural swimming pool and beautiful scenery.

The water here is emerald, green, especially on sunny days, the photos taken seem to have their own filters, which is perfect. It's really not easy to get into such a beautiful place. Be sure to make a camping plan for at least 3-4 days and prepare sufficient water and food. This also means that luggage is a big burden. Of course, if you have our ITEHIL water purifier, it will definitely reduce your burden. Our goal is this. If you haven't even completed a trail for more than 4 hours, it is recommended not to take risks. Basically, this road takes about 7 hours to walk, and some routes take longer. It should be paid special attention that don't expect to have a mobile phone signal here. Except for the connection to Verizon in the small town of the tribe, other companies will not work.


Rafting here is also an option, but it is also very tiring (I haven't tried it here). You have to prepare your equipment and have a strong man to help move the boat. Speaking of hiking, because everyone’s luggage is very heavy, some people here have started to sell mules, and some people use helicopters to air luggage to the town first! My advice is to do it yourself but be prepared and do what you can. Basically, everyone arrives at the entrance one night in advance, and then spends the night in the car, and many people set off in the early morning.


2、Coyote Gulch

Utah and Arizona are really the world of Hiking, and I envy the friends who live nearby. Coyote Gulch is also a more challenging trail, and you have to overcome many difficulties to reach this place. I stumbled across this place on instagram by accident, and I got excited all of a sudden. Strange to say, I dreamed of similar places when I was a child, and at that time I had never seen such a natural landscape. Anyway, for many years later, I was looking for similar places in Gendream, but I didn’t expect it to be available in the United States. It’s really great.

This trail is about 28 miles, it is best to prepare for more than 2-3 days of travel time, and have enough energy to support yourself. The weather here is too hot, so don't get dehydrated and pay attention to sun protection. If you want to go here, you also need a permit, remember to get it online. After ordering the permit, pick it up at the visit center of Escalante National Monument. Again, to go to this kind of paradise without signal, everyone must arrange time and food well. (don't run and jump around, turn around if you can't, we don't shame) Because there are many sections here that need to use some rock climbing skills, this absolutely requires physical fitness, so don't be impulsive when you are tired.


Well, that's all for today's recommendation. I'm a little worried, because although these places are beautiful, they are also very dangerous. If you are interested in exploring, please be fully prepared! First aid kits, water, GPS, food, warm clothing, camping equipment, etc. must be checked. Everyone, don't be impatient, don't be brave. Be sure to watch the road and walk well. These places are really wild. Keep safe!


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