Design Features and Functions of Portable Solar Mobile Power Station

LiFePO4 power station

Design features and functions of portable solar mobile power station. There are two types of solar mobile power stations currently on the market. One is similar to the mobile phone power station, except that it has an extra solar panel, which can be used to charge the power station by solar energy. Another kind of solar mobile power station is similar to UPS power station source, also known as portable solar mobile power station.

Portable solar mobile power station
The solar power bank is generally suitable for daily charging of mobile phones. Its own solar panel has a small area. It is obviously too low to rely on such a small area of solar panel to charge. Moreover, the power bank is generally used daily. It is enough to charge the power once to ensure that the mobile phone is charged for 2-3 times, and it is not necessary to use a solar charging board. When you are outdoors for a long time, the solar power bank can't meet the demand.

The use of portable UPS solar power station is different from the power bank. It is designed to meet the environment where there is no electricity for a long time. It has a large capacity, and the equipped solar panel area is large, and the charging efficiency is high. The 20Ah solar mobile power station can be fully charged in 7 hours by using city electricity, and it can be fully charged in 4 hours by using 100W solar panels. Charging can be used at any time, and the conversion rate is much higher.

Design requirements for portable solar mobile power station
Portable solar power station uses solar energy as a conversion source, converts solar energy into electrical energy, and stores the electrical energy through a lithium battery or LiFePO4 battery (a portable solar power station made of LiFePO4 battery is also called LiFePO4 power station) to achieve mobile digital products The purpose of outdoor power supply. The entire product uses a single-cell large-capacity lithium battery as an energy storage device, and the charging adopts a double-layer charging mode: that is, the solar panel receives sunlight to charge, and the charger is charged in a two-way charging mode. The output adopts 5V output.

The maximum output current can reach 2A, which can meet the power supply requirements of related digital products. Accurate LED power display, which effectively displays the remaining power of the battery to users in the form of LED lights according to an accurate percentage at all times, in order to achieve the purpose of high efficiency and intuitiveness.

Portable solar panel product features
1. The solar panel uses high-quality monocrystalline silicon solar cells with high conversion efficiency, good low light performance and long service life.

2. Adopting unique welding and packaging technology to make the solar panel resistant to falling and bumping, but also waterproof and high temperature resistant. Solve the problem of large loss in the processing of finished products such as sewing bags. At the same time, it also solves the problem of damage to the finished portable solar panel due to falling and bumping.

3. Use the best quality EVA to improve firmness, life span and light transmittance. The use of high-cost, high-quality frosted and wear-resistant PET makes the finished product scratch-resistant and beautiful and high-end.

Portable solar mobile power station function
1. Plug and play: intelligent integrated lithium battery pack or LiFePO4 battery pack, inverter and solar charging module;

2. Super output: with AC output, DC USB and 12V output;

3. Ultra-long life: LiFePO4 battery with high safety and good stability is adopted, which is durable, and the number of charge and discharge cycles is ≥2000 times;

4. Super light: small weight, easy to carry, easy to store;

5. Safe and reliable: The aluminum alloy shell is high in strength, and it is shockproof and drop resistant for outdoor use.

Notes for portable solar mobile power station
1. Please try to keep the storage temperature of the product between 15℃ and 25℃.

2. If the product is used in an overheated or cold environment, even if the product itself has power remaining, it may not be able to operate temporarily.

3. Do not throw the product into the fire, because it may explode.

4. Please do not expose the product to liquid or subject it to strong impact.

5. Do not drop, knock, disassemble the equipment or repair it yourself.

6. Please dispose of discarded electronic products in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Having said that, everyone should know some portable solar-powered mobile power stations. Not only do they make up for the traditional power station's inefficiency in energy saving and environmental protection, but it is also easy to carry and charge wherever it is. It is deeply loved by consumers for a time.


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