Common Sense of Household Photovoltaic Power Generation System Operation and Maintenance

foldable solar panel

1. Photovoltaic panel components and brackets
1. The surface of the solar panel should be kept clean. It is recommended to clean it once a week, and the frequency of cleaning can be increased in areas with windy sand or a large amount of dust.
2. For components with metal frame, whether the component frame and bracket are well combined, and whether the pressing block is firmly crimped.
3. Whether all the bolts, welds and the connection of the bracket are firm and reliable. The anti-rust coating on the surface of the bracket should not be peeled off or cracked, otherwise it should be repaired in time.
4. The live warning signs on the components should be intact and undamaged.
5. Whether the component is blocked or not, deal with it in time.
6. Observe whether the component has shattered glass, scorched back, and obvious color changes; whether the component junction box is deformed, cracked or burned, and whether the wiring terminal is in good condition.

foldable solar panel

2. Inverter

1. The inverter structure and electrical connections should be kept intact, there should be no rust or dust accumulation, and a good heat dissipation environment should be maintained.
2. When the inverter is running, there should be no large vibration and abnormal noise.
3. The warning signs on the inverter should be intact and undamaged.
4. The cooling fans of the modules, reactors, and transformers in the inverter can start and stop automatically as the temperature changes. The functions should be normal. When the cooling fan is running, there should be no large vibration and abnormal noise. If there is any abnormality, the power should be cut off for inspection.
5. Open the AC output (grid side) circuit breaker once regularly, and the inverter should immediately stop feeding power to the grid.
6. The temperature of the DC bus capacitor in the inverter is too high or has exceeded its service life, so it should be replaced in time.
7. When the red (fault) indicator of the inverter is always on, it means that the equipment is abnormal. Please call the operation and maintenance personnel in time. The user must not disassemble the equipment and power distribution device by himself to avoid danger.

3. Electric box, electric meter and cable
1. The distribution box must not be deformed, rusted, leaked, or accumulated dust. The safety warning signs on the outside of the box should be intact and undamaged. The lock on the box should be flexible to open and close.
2. The state of the circuit breaker and air switch in the distribution box should be normal. There should be no looseness or corrosion in the terminals. There is no abnormal noise in the operation of the equipment, and there is no peculiar smell in the operating environment.
3. The cable should not be operated under overload, and the lead package of the cable should not be swollen, cracked, damaged, etc.
4. The cable entering and exiting the equipment should be properly sealed, and there should be no cavities larger than 10mm in diameter. Otherwise, use a fire-proof mud wall to block it.
5. The cable should not be over-tightened in the connection line. Cables should be bound reliably and should not hang in the air.
6. The inner wall of the cable protection tube should be smooth, free of burrs, hard objects, garbage, etc., if any, wrap it with a cable jacket and tie it tightly.
7. The cable connector should be crimped firmly to ensure good contact.
8. The accumulation and garbage around the cables and electrical boxes should be cleaned up in time.

foldable solar panel

4. Extreme weather maintenance
In the event of a thunderstorm or a power outage, please check whether the power station is operating normally after the thunderstorm or the incoming call, such as the closed condition of the power switch in the electric box, the tightness of the wiring head, and the operation status of the inverter.

Portable solar panel (foldable solar panel)
The above is the common sense of operation and maintenance of household photovoltaic system (household solar panel), let's talk about how to do maintenance of portable solar panel (foldable solar panel). as follows:
The portable solar panel (foldable solar panel) is very small because of its small size and few accessories, so there is almost no need to maintain it. You only need to clean the surface after daily use. This It's just ordinary brands. Some good brands even just rinse with water directly, because they use different materials. For example, ITEHIL 100W 18V foldable solar panel also uses ETFE film on the surface of the solar panel (it has the characteristics of waterproof, high temperature resistance, long life, etc.), and its accessories are only connecting wires, and the controller has been installed inside the portable solar panel. Become one, so just flush with water.


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