Can a 100 Watt Solar Panel Run a Refrigerator?

100w 18v solar panel

No, all the 100w folding solar panels currently on the market cannot directly apply the converted electrical energy to the refrigerator.

Because the conversion efficiency of solar panels is also related to the intensity of sunlight, the weakening of the light will weaken the output electric energy, and the same will lead to instability of the electric current. This situation can easily lead to damage to the electrical appliances. So we don't recommend connecting any solar panels directly to the refrigerator, but can solar panels directly charge appliances? The answer is yes, but these appliances need have energy storage functions. Only this type of appliances, solar panels can directly do work for them.

Let's take a look now, which appliances can be charged by solar panels?

From the above, it can be known that solar panels can charge electrical appliances with energy storage function. Which of the commonly seen electrical appliances has energy storage function? We can think of electrical appliances with energy storage: notebooks, mobile phones, power banks and Bluetooth headsets.

100W 18v Solar Panel

How to charge electrical appliances with energy storage function?

There are two situations, using a voltage controller and not using a voltage controller.

If a voltage controller is used, all electrical appliances with energy storage function can be used directly.

If you don't use a voltage controller, you need to select an electrical appliance with a voltage difference between -10%-+10% according to the voltage of the solar panel to work normally.

Take ITEHIL 100W 18V solar panel as an example: First, we need to know the voltage of the solar panel is 18V, the voltage range is between -10%-+10% (16.2V-19.8V), and the electrical appliances with the input voltage in this range can be directly Use solar panels to charge.

In summary, solar panels can directly charge laptops, mobile phones, power banks and Bluetooth headsets, but not refrigerators. If you need to charge refrigerators, mini cooler, RVs, barbecue grills and other electrical appliances without energy storage function, it is recommended to use ITETHIL 500W Power Station, which will not damage the electrical appliances due to unstable current.

100w 18v solar panel


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