Best Electricity Choice for Self-driving Tour

LiFePO4 power station

In recent years, lifestyles such as driving and living, outdoor camping, desert island survival, off-road exploration, hiking, and night fishing have attracted more and more people to experience life outdoors. Different from the outdoor travel life in the past, with the help of modern technology development and solar energy technology, the life of the travel friends has begun to become exquisite and beautiful! With the dual blessing of solar energy application and outdoor energy storage technology, travelers will never again Don’t worry about outdoor electricity consumption! With the popularity of cars, outdoor travel, self-driving is the king, so the popularity of self-driving tours continues to rise, and more people feel the joy of travel through self-driving!

For the electricity problem during travel, solar products and LiFePO4 Power Station have become essential equipment for travel! As outdoor explorers, ITEHIL brand foldable solar panels and LiFePO4 Power Station have also become standard equipment for self-driving travel!

LiFePO4 power station

Outdoor LiFePO4 Power Station with high-power foldable solar panel is standard for self-driving

In the self-driving tour, many electronic products need electricity, and the outdoors is not as convenient as at home, you can just find a socket to charge it! It is a better choice to use foldable solar panel and LiFePO4 Power Station to power mobile phones, tablets, power banks, cameras, laptops, drones, smart watches and other electronic products! There are also many self-driving travel friends who directly convert their cars into "bed cars", where they eat, drink, and live in the car. In this case, the electricity consumption is even greater. For example, they need to use water to cook a meal. It works. Only use 500W LiFePO4 Power Station with high-power foldable solar charging panels to better solve the electricity problem!

LiFePO4 power station

Outdoor LiFePO4 Power Station, in fact, is to move the AC power at home to the outdoors through the application of energy storage technology, or directly use the foldable solar panel outdoors to store the electricity in the LiFePO4 Power Station. When electricity is needed, directly plug the electrical appliances into the LiFePO4 The corresponding electrical socket on the Power Station can be used directly. For example, your refrigerator needs electricity at night to preserve the taste and freshness of food, but it cannot be used at night without a foldable solar panel. Therefore, you can use the 100w 18v solar panel of the ITEHIL Solar Panel series to fully charge the ITEHIL Power Station during the day, so that you can continue to power your refrigerator at night.

The large-capacity and high-power 500W Outdoor LiFePO4 Power Station has many different sockets, and each socket is designed through the sockets commonly used by people, so it can be used for rice cookers, car refrigerators, electric kettles, drones, and laptops. , Mobile phones and other life entertainment equipment supply power, solve the problem of electricity consumption during self-driving, and greatly enrich the entertainment activities during the journey. For example, ITEHIL Power Station can continuously power the drone for at least 10 hours, so that you can ensure that you can record more scenery along the way for long-term aerial photography.

LiFePO4 power station

ITEHIL Solar Panel, a comprehensive solution to the problem of electricity consumption for self-driving tours

ITEHIL foldable solar panel adopts the new design concept of DC direct charging + digital display conversion fast charging. Not only can it directly charge Outdoor LiFePO4 Power Station, but after connecting to LiFePO4 Power Station, it can also use LiFePO4 Power Station to charge mobile phones, tablets, and power banks. , Fast-charging notebooks, car starter power supplies and other outdoor electronic products are powered at the same time, which fully solves the outdoor power problem of self-driving travel! ITEHIL Solar Panel uses a semi-monocrystalline silicon solar panel with a conversion efficiency of up to 23%. It is also one of the foldable solar panels with the highest photoelectric conversion rate on the market, and it has a smaller volume and weight compared to other foldable solar panels of the same industry. Lighter, easier to carry and use outdoors, greatly improving the quality of life during travel.

LiFePO4 power station

Outdoor travel has changed from a single outing in the past to a lifestyle that carries multiple scenes. The new outdoor life era has quietly come, and ITEHIL Solar Panel and ITEHIL Power Station provide the most basic and core power support for outdoor activities, and more efficient and fast power supply makes outdoor life more abundant. It's the tourist season, so bring the ITEHIL Solar Panel and ITEHIL Power Station to explore the beautiful scenery in the distance and enjoy the beautiful outdoor life with your family!


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