100W SOLAR PANEL A good partner for outdoor travel

100W SOLAR PANEL A good partner for outdoor travel

ITEHIL, 100W SOLAR PANEL is an economical and high-performance solar panel. You can gain a lot of energy when traveling outdoors. In addition, it is undoubtedly the best outdoor portable solar panel for people who like to travel or drive. For you, you only need one or two solar panels to charge it in your outdoor home. You can power your phone, tablet, or any other device without stress. You will have a pleasant trip.

One day I don't want to see people in the future world suffering from power supply problems, but recent events have shown that our modern society is more fragile than we thought. Preparing for emergencies is more important than ever: whether it is a pandemic, natural disaster or civil strife. These events are likely to occur and may increase in the coming decades.

ITEHIL 100W Solar Panel

However, in our real life, an important aspect of emergency preparedness is electricity. Therefore, solar panel power generation is very important to us at home and abroad. If one day all regions face power shortages, we will face many difficulties and obstacles, such as the food we eat and so on. So today, let’s take a look at "Itehil" 100W SOLAR PANEL.

Design and Specifications:
The 100W SOLAR PANEL weighs 36.82 pounds (16.7 kg), which is about the same size as a medium-sized office computer.

(1) Sufficient power: 18V/5.5A, 100W power output, meeting most outdoor charging needs;
(2) High conversion rate: high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon, wafer conversion efficiency as high as 20%;
(3) More durable: ETFE film surface composite, more durable than general products in the market, longer service life;
(4) Oxford cloth waterproof design: use waterproof fabric and waterproof zipper, IPX4 splash water;
(5) 1 to 10 adapters are provided free of charge, which can meet the power supply needs of different types of notebook computers;
(6) Comes with a support frame, which can meet the needs of sun exposure at the best angle;
(7) There are buttonholes around the product, and the gift hook can meet the hanging needs;



 (1) 4-fold storage: easy to carry and does not occupy space;
Fold size: 520*360mm*50mm/Expand size: 1715*520*30mm
(2) Support bracket: The angle can be adjusted to receive sunlight to improve the use effect;
(3) Multiple power supply methods: DC power supply, USB QC power supply, USB power supply/distribution DC5521 conversion kit, suitable for multiple specifications of interfaces;
(4) Storage bag design: accessories are easy to store and compartments are distinguished;
(5) Buckle design: convenient to hang to receive sunlight/distribute 4 carabiner for easy suspension operation;
(6) Handle design: easy to carry;
(7) Use in parallel to increase power;
(8) Beautiful and concise, clear indication, with power indicator;


Should you buy ITEHIL100W SOLAR PANEL?

Itehil provides enough electricity for most people at a reasonable price. You will find that competitors’ models have higher peak output, even if their total capacity is not larger; these models will cost more, but may need to be tailored to your specific use case. You can also find a faster charging mode, if you want more solar panels, or charging from the grid only takes a few hours, this mode may be more suitable. But again, they are either more expensive or damaged elsewhere. For most people, the itehil 100W solar panel is an excellent integrated product. If you like it, remember to buy it on our website!


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