How Solar Panels Work With Jackery Power Station

100w solar panel foldable

The solar panel works with the Jackery power station. This is based on the premise that the difference between the input voltage of the power station and the output voltage of the solar panel is within the acceptable range. How the solar panel is connected to the Jackery power station is actually very simple. The solar panel absorbs the light and converts it into electricity and then transmits it to the Jackery power station (stored electricity) through the power cord. The following is a step-by-step introduction:

1.Check the voltage of the solar panel and the Jackery power station, as shown in the following figure:100w solar panel foldable

When the voltage difference between the solar panel and the power station is within 10V, it can be directly connected and used. As shown in the figure above, the difference between ITETHIL’s foldable solar panel and Jackery's 500W power station is 6V, so they can be directly connected and used.

2.Check whether the output interface of the solar panel is consistent with the input interface of the power station. As shown in the figure below, the output port of the ITETHIL foldable solar panel is DC5521, and the input port of the Jackery 500W power station is DC5521, so directly find the DC cable and plug it in to work. If they are inconsistent, you need to buy an MC4 adapter cable. The MC4 adapter cable is shown in Figure 2 below. You can also buy it directly at ITETHIL stores.

ITETHIL foldable solar panel


Figure II:

ITETHIL foldable solar panel


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