Parallel Connection Method of ITEHIL Foldable Solar Panel

ITEHIL Foldable Solar Panels

Solar panels can be connected in series or in parallel, and the series connection can double the output voltage. If you want the current to increase and the voltage does not change, then you have to connect in parallel. However, because the voltage of different solar panels is not necessarily the same, in order not to cause the current to flow back and burn the solar panels, solar panels with a difference of more than 10V cannot be connected in parallel. In the traditional sense, diodes must be added when multiple solar panels are connected in parallel (the biggest feature is unidirectional conduction, that is, current can only flow through the diode in one direction. The diode functions as a rectifier circuit, a detection circuit, and a voltage stabilization circuit. Various modulation circuits are mainly composed of diodes, and their principles are very simple) to prevent current from flowing backward.

The solar panel connection method is shown in the figure:

ITEHIL foldable Solar Panels


Compared with the above connection method, ITEHIL foldable solar panels have made the connection method the simplest, only need to connect the ports on both sides to connect in parallel. The specific method can be seen in the figure below.

ITEHIL foldable solar panels
(1) Find the DC interface on the back of ITEHIL 100W Solar Panel.
(2) Connect the DC interfaces of 2*ITEHIL 100W Solar Panel with the Y Parallel Cable.
(3) Connect the Y parallel Cable with the XT60-IN input of ITEHIL 500W Power Station.


PS: The phase difference voltage of multiple solar panels in parallel must be within 10V

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