ITEHIL's solar fan and its usage scenario introduction


ITEHIL's solar fans are specially designed for people who like outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, fishing and people who work in workshops. We equipped it with a 10000mAh high-capacity battery according to the characteristics of the usage scenarios (outdoor, workshop). With this battery, our ITEHIL solar fan can work continuously for 24 hours at the lowest gear, 8-10 hours at the highest gear, 4 different gears, and this time is enough to meet the needs of most users .


solar_fan_use_gear position

At the same time, considering that many users are doing outdoor activities, there may be a problem of insufficient battery power in the mobile phone, our fan also has a USB-A interface and a USB-C interface, which can be used to charge the mobile phone.

Of course, as an outdoor product, its portability is naturally our consideration: our fan weighs only 4.55 pounds, adopts a foldable design, and has a convenient hand-carrying groove, most people can easily lift it .

use_sola_ fan

Some people may doubt whether the folding design is convenient to use, but you can rest assured that the folding angle of ITEHIL's solar fan can be opened up to 90 degrees, which can provide you with a cool breeze from all angles.


For example, if you are lying comfortably on a deck chair under a parasol, you can open the folding angle of the fan to about 30 degrees and place it on a table that is about the same height as your position, or open the folding angle to a greater extent and turn it Put it on the ground, so that you can enjoy a comfortable and wonderful rest time in the breeze that ITEHIL brings to you. For another example, if you are working in a workshop, you can open the folding angle to a certain extent, place it on the table or the ground, and only need to adjust the angle occasionally to bring you a little coolness.

When you want to sleep but don’t want to keep the fan running, you can also set the timer to turn off, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 4 different time designs, which can meet most needs.


Of course, as a solar fan, it naturally has the function of solar charging. It takes 10 hours for ITEHIL's solar fan to be fully charged when charged with ordinary household electricity. In sunny conditions, use the solar panel that comes with our fan to charge, and it takes 14 hours to fully charge. Someone might say: what? 14 hours, which is too long, if it is fully charged by solar power, it may take several days. Yes, 14 hours is a long time, but our fans can also run for 8-24 hours, which is more than enough for most users. And if you are in sunny weather, you can also put it in the sun and run it while charging. If the frequency and time we use are not high, we can throw it in the sun to charge when we are not using it. For those who work in the workshop, it can be used during the day and charged at night.



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