How Long Can 500W Power Station be Used?

LiFePO4 power station

How long an outdoor power station can be used depends on the specific electrical appliances you use to charge, and it is closely related to the power of the electrical appliances. Here I will probably list some electrical appliances for your reference:

If it’s just for camping, photography, etc., to charge mobile phones, digital cameras, drones, GPROs, notebooks and other digital devices, or car equipment, electric rice cookers, and other small appliances, then ITEHIL solar power station 500W, an outdoor power supply, is enough. used.

Mobile phone: 500W power station is equivalent to 14 10000mAh power banks, generally charging the mobile phone more than 30 times, the duration is 42 hours. If you forget to bring a charging cable, there is also wireless charging (rarely power stations have unlimited charging functions).

Notebook: power supply about 4 times, duration 10 hours.

Drone: charge 10 times

Digital camera, GPRO: 21 recharges

Car refrigerator: continuous power supply for 14-24 hours

Projector 100W: continuous power supply for about 5 hours

Rice cooker 400W: continuous power supply for 2.7 hours, cooking 4 times

If the long-distance self-driving has high requirements for cooking and boiling water, it is recommended to use an outdoor power station of 1000W.

1.5L portable kettle 800W: continuous power supply for about 1.2 hours, boiling water 6 times

1.6L rice cooker 400W: continuous power supply for about 2.4 hours, cooking 8 times

Electric cooker 1000W: continuous power supply for 0.9 hours

Tibet self-driving ventilator 15W: continuous power supply for 62 hours

Electric fan 40W: continuous power supply for 28 hours

Electric blanket 200W: continuous power supply for 4.7 hours


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