Halloween Gifts for Outdoor Lovers——LiFePO4 Power Station

LiFePO4 Power Station

Halloween is coming soon in a few days, here ITEHIL wishes everyone a happy Halloween! I think everyone is starting to worry about what gifts to give to friends and family. Since everyone is outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor mobile power is essential. A value-for-money outdoor power bank is worth giving to your closest family members.

Outdoors, any digital device that is carried requires battery life. So be sure to prepare batteries. In particular, electronic products rely heavily on users, and when the power is less than 60, they become anxious. I can’t wait to carry a small power station on my back, but the small power station can’t be too large, the burden cannot be too heavy, and the amount of battery storage cannot be too small. To meet the use of all electronic products, I recommend our LiFePO4 Power Station by ITEHIL.

One: enough power, easy to carry
Friends who travel outdoors all understand the importance of travelling light, and most of their energy has been consumed by heavy equipment before reaching the destination. The size of ITEHIL LiFePO4 Power Station is considered small, only 275.5x232x212.5mm, compact and lightweight, even for girls to lift it without effort.
Although it is small, it is still very durable. It has a sufficient power, 500Wh power, and a battery capacity of 144,000 MAh. If you use it together with ITEHIL Solar Panel, then you don't need to worry about the power problem in the field, you can use your electronic products as you like!

LiFePO4 Power Station

Two: Multi-port, can supply power at the same time.

The most important thing about the charging equipment is that the socket models must be complete, so that you don't need to bring a variety of adapter cables. Our LiFePO4 Power Station has a total of 8 output sockets, compatible with a variety of electronic devices and household appliances. 5 kinds of unused power supply ports, applicable to a wider range of equipment.
At the same time, it also uses the patented lightning fast charging technology, and the charging speed is not bad after a trial. Not only that, but it can also power different devices at the same time, such as connecting a rice cooker and a microwave oven at the same time. It has no problem at all.

LiFePO4 Power Station

Three: Real-time display

ITEHIL LiFePO4 Power Station have the large display that can be monitors usage of all ports in real time. During the period of use, an early warning reminder is issued for abnormal situations. meet the needs of various scenarios.

LiFePO4 Power Station

Four: Security

ITEHIL's LiFePO4 Power Station is made of LiFePO4 Battery, and LiFePO4 Battery will not fire or explode after puncture. Lithium battery will do. LiFePO4 Battery will not catch fire and explode if overcharged to 100%; Lithium battery will gas out and swell when it reaches the specified value.

The above is all the content of this issue. Because of the arrival of Halloween, ITEHIL has also launched a special Halloween event for the majority of outdoor enthusiasts. For details, please see below, or you can click on the picture below to enter the event details page to view.

🎃Halloween Funny Party🎃

Event time: October 1st to November 1st, 2021
Activity content: During the Halloween, every customer who spends $100-1000 can get a Halloween gift, and if you spend more than $2,000, 2 Halloween gifts coming.

1. The top 10 order can get batteries(No limit on order amount)
2. The top 100 who meet the requirements can get other gifts, unlimited quantity, gifts can be stacked

Battery set, battery
Parallel line (gift for orders over $300)
Fast charging (gift for orders over $500)
Solar panels (gift for orders over $2,000)


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