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LiFePO4 power station

Self-driving trips and camping are inseparable from adequate power supply. Compared with common fuel generators, battery-type power supplies have many characteristics such as noiseless, pollution-free, simple maintenance, and portability. It can be said that outdoor camping has the most problem with electricity. The best solution. Therefore, a variety of outdoor power supplies with different shapes, capacities and functions emerge in endlessly. Today I will talk about the experience of using IT500 500W LiFePO4 Portable Power Station during travel, and talk about the selection of outdoor power supplies.

Outdoor power supply is not broken
If you want to live on-site camping for more than one day, not only the mobile devices of the travel friends need to be charged multiple times, but the audio and projection used for projection, singing, dancing and other night camping entertainment are also large consumers of electricity, so the vehicle loading capacity is satisfied. Under the conditions, the larger the outdoor power supply, the better. Nowadays, many outdoor enthusiasts have installed extra large-capacity batteries and high-power solar panels of up to 1200AH for private cars, especially RVs that are most suitable for outdoor camping, which can independently maintain power supply for up to a week to cope with the lack of camping sites. The dilemma of inconvenient external electricity.

Large-capacity battery pack is more suitable for long-term outdoor heavy camping, but its price of thousands of dollars is not acceptable to ordinary campers, and it is large and overweight and not portable. Therefore, for the needs of weekend short-term travel and camping, ITEHIL caters to many For outdoor travel needs, we have developed a variety of outdoor portable power supplies. Among them, the newly developed outdoor energy storage power supply-ITEHIL IT500 500W LiFePO4 Portable Power Station, with a capacity of up to 144000mAh and a maximum output power of up to 500W, is enough to support the daily outdoor activities of many people. Short-term camping life on weekends.

Multi-voltage output interface, the more the better
Outdoor camping is usually a gathering of multiple people in several households, so there are relatively more electric devices such as mobile phones. This requires outdoor power sources to charge multiple mobile phones at the same time to avoid the embarrassing situation of other people waiting to be charged. . IT500 Power Station provides 8 output ports (2*3-port DC, 1*car out let, 1*Type-C, 1*20W QC, 2*USB, 1*DC5521). The multi-voltage level interface is quite rich and sufficient Respond to the electricity consumption of electrical appliances commonly used in travel.

Through various interfaces, you can charge multiple mobile phones, pads and other small appliances at the same time. Because of the 500W high power, after expansion through the socket, it can theoretically be more than 20 mobile phones, or iPad, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, etc. Carry out high-current fast charging.

IT500 Power Station has a built-in inverter power supply that can supply power to 220V electrical equipment such as laptops, allowing you to use laptops to access the Internet when you are camping outdoors to handle official documents or company emergency affairs in time. You can also use laptops to match the audio system. Outdoor karaoke will create a lively atmosphere for your camping life and add fun.

The output power must be strong enough
As mentioned earlier, IT500 Power Station can support more than 20 mobile phones to charge, but this is not enough to show the powerful power supply capability of the power supply. The scenarios that require large current power supply such as cooking and boiling water are the most test of the power supply capability of outdoor power supplies. I use a power supply to power a 200W car electric rice cooker, which makes cooking and boiling water more convenient.

Unfortunately, when testing an electric kettle with a power of 600W, because the maximum rated output power of the power supply was exceeded, the automatic protection function of the power supply was triggered after the electric kettle was inserted, and the power supply had no power output to avoid internal high temperature damage to the power supply.

The appearance and workmanship must be elegant and exquisite, and the structure and function layout must be reasonable
The appearance is easy to understand. If the appearance is not good, you will not buy it no matter how powerful it is. After all, there are many manufacturers and there is too much room for choice. The color scheme of ITEHIL IT500 500W LiFePO4 Portable Power Station is based on silver gray, with silver gray aluminum alloy frame decoration, the appearance is very solemn, and at first glance, people will mistake it for an outdoor portable speaker.

The power supply wiring panel should be designed in a centralized layout for convenient operation and reasonableness. IT500 Power Station adopts a centralized design. All interfaces, control keyswitches and display screens are concentrated on the side of the power supply, making it easy for you to plug in and control operations.

The multi-functional high-definition display can display real-time charging and discharging parameters such as the remaining power, voltage, and power of the power supply, so that you can know the operating status of the power supply in time.

The overall workmanship of IT500 Power Station is also very exquisite, and the details are considered very thoughtful. The round appearance has no edges and corners, and it is not easy to knock and hurt people. A high-intensity LED illuminator is installed on the square panel on the right to facilitate night lighting.

The IT500 Power Station has a large capacity, and the volume and weight are naturally not small. The appearance size is L 292*W165*H210mm, and the net weight is about 6.5Kg. Although it is still very tight when lifted, the weight of more than ten kilograms is not small for a weak body. For the lady, it doesn't feel too much effort to mention it.

The upper convex groove on the top surface of IT500 Power Station is the foldable handle of IT500 Power Station. The power supply cannot be lifted. Viewed from the bottom up, the bottom of the handle is also equipped with a convex anti-skid design to ensure a more reliable grip. During the lifting process No sliding phenomenon occurs.

IT500 Power Station also has the function of automatically restoring or shutting down the screen without load. It will automatically shut down the screen after 30 seconds without any action, and will automatically shut down after 8 hours. It is easy to use and no need to worry about random discharge.

Exquisite materials, comprehensive protection, safe and reliable
As an outdoor power supply, it must have a 220V output in order to drive more equipment, which requires the use of inverters. Anyone who has studied a little knows that there are two types of sine wave inverters and modified wave inverters. The former is better than the latter. The adaptability is better and the price is much higher. The IT500 Power Station uses a pure sine wave inverter with higher cost and better quality to ensure greater adaptability and fully take care of all kinds of equipment carried by self-driving trips.

Because the outdoor power supply still generates a lot of heat in the state of high power consumption, fire prevention and heat dissipation must be paid attention to. IT500 Power Station not only adopts heat-resistant and fire-resistant materials such as aluminum alloy and ABS, but also adopts multiple heat dissipation measures. One is the use of large-enclosed aluminum alloy orifice plates with super heat dissipation effect. The second is the use of a large space design, which makes the spacing of internal components more reasonable, which is extremely beneficial to heat dissipation. The third is the efficient heat dissipation of four fans. Through the above measures, it is fully guaranteed that overheating will not occur during long-term full-load use.

The most important indicator of outdoor power quality is the battery, which is not only related to the capacity and service life of the power supply, but also related to the safety of use. IT500 Power Station uses the best LiFePO4 battery pack, and has a full range of multiple safety protection designs in terms of charge and discharge control, overheating prevention, and overload prevention, ensuring the safety of use in the field, especially in the car.

A variety of charging methods, high-power fast charging
Considering that the outdoor power supply takes into account both indoor and outdoor use, at least there should be two or more charging methods of conventional 220V power supply and car 12V to charge the power supply. IT500 Power Station is equipped with a 220V power adapter and a cigarette lighter with DC12V wiring, which can be supplemented by mains and driving power. At the same time, it provides a 100W solar photovoltaic panel purchase package, which can use solar energy to supplement the power outdoors, which is more energy-efficient and convenient. I usually use the cigarette lighter wiring to recharge the power supply in time while driving.

The above experience about outdoor power selection is based on my personal experience in using nearly ten different sizes of outdoor power supplies during my more than ten years of RV travel. I hope that I don’t know how to buy outdoor power Fans are helpful, and interested friends are welcome to share their experience with posts.

ITEHIL IT500 500W LiFePO4 Portable Power Station has an atmospheric appearance, large capacity, moderate power, clear screen display, simple and convenient operation. It can not only charge my mobile phones, iPads, Bluetooth speakers, laptops and other devices in parking and camping. It can also provide night lighting, and when my driving battery loses power, it can also charge the car battery in reverse through the cigarette lighter connection. The noise is extremely low during use, and there is almost no heat. The overall performance is quite good. It is more suitable for people to use in their daily self-driving camping. Of course, it can also be used as a lighting power supply for night market stalls.


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