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Very good quality

Very good build quality, Would buy again at the discounted price.
I am retired and living on a "broken income"
It plugs into our power station. and keeps it charged
Thank You

Great job

Delivered quickly and works well

Fast processing of both the order and the water.

Easy to assemble. Had a bit of difficulty pushing down on the RO filter and getting it to seat, but that may just be me as a 71-year-old woman. The Hybrid filter went right in.

Charges quickly on the wall outlet. Water run through machine quickly. One of the things I like most is the ability to use my solar panel with this purifier.

Overall very pleased.

Too soon to evaluate.

While the panels are attractive, and appear well-made and very sturdy, they just arrived and I have not had time to evaluate their serviceability.

These are great but….

I really like that these panels produce the wattage they are rated at. Many solar products do not. The only drawback with these is that you can not run the 100w serially only parallel.

Great product!!

User friendly!!

100 watt foldable solar panel

Great so far. Charged my Bluetti in half the time I was expecting. I will probably buy another.

Gathering more parts to make it work.

You mentioned I had to get an extra part to make it work first time ever used solar panels before so I’m not sure how it works. And would I need that extra part if I had a Jackery?

Have not been able to use yet. Waiting for adapters to plug our ECOFLO

Just recieved it

On(8/21/23) I have recieved the solar panel, as of 8/22/23) I have yet to actually test the panel. That said, first impressions are good, it was well packaged and the panel itself appears to be robust and solid. Other than that I cannot attest to it's durability or functionality at this time.

Works as advertised, highly recommend

My first solar, using it to charge my ham radio equipment and Garmin Montana 700i GPS, very satisfied.

Still waiting for delivery of panel

Easy hook up. Charges power station in good time and takes up no space when storing it away

100w folding panels

Because these smaller watt panels are often coupled together in series or parallel, it would have been nice to have cables included to do so. Other than that they appear to be a nice panel.

A quality, versitle, 100 watt folding portable Solar Panel

Finally, a real player in the portable power field! Solid build, long life ETFE coating instead of the couple year life of PET panels, and, a novel output port with several options. Plus, the assortment of plug adapters and cables is way above the competition. ITEHIL isn't hard-wiring a proprietary connector on their panel, they are giving you the freedom to make their panel work with many other products...a real team player!
I tested the 100w panel in fairly clear conditions, and not perfectly angled at the sun, and got 77 watts. That is above average.
Very happy with this product!

Works great

Surpassed my expectations; isn’t loud, has strong action (better than what I would have expected for solar).

Happy with this RO unit

Sturdy, well packaged. Not overly complicated with extras parts to keep up with. Overall quality seems to be there.


Not comfortable with the light showing fully charged or not .... Fan is charged but it indicates no light which according to your instruction manual means battery is depleted. Hard to know charged capacity.

Great power station for the price!

I bought this as a combo with the RO purifier, and I am satisfied with my purchase!

It has a panel that lets you monitor the status of your battery, how many hours you have left, and how many watts are being used/coming in. The unit comes with a smaller case that houses the various cables you'd need for the different ways you might want to charge this including solar. It was well packed and arrived in excellent condition.

When I ordered, I noticed one picture had type B (110 v) outlets whereas the rest of the pictures had a different kind. When I placed my order, I put a comment on it and then reached out to them requesting if they could make mine with the type B/110v outlet, and they were able to accommodate this. The outlets are oriented "upside down" from what is typical in North America, but it doesn't affect performance.

Unlike other power stations that you press a button to turn on just the USB outlets or just the plug in sockets, there is a button that turns on ALL the ac and another button that turns on ALL the dc outlets. I don't care one way or another, but some may have a preference. You also have to press and hold the button for a few seconds for it to turn on or off which I personally find a little inconvenient, but it's not a dealbreaker.

It's quiet. I can't really hear the fan go like I can with other power stations, so that's a plus. It also has a small flashlight on the bottom right side of the unit. I thought it was a kind of odd place to put it, but then again, if you have this on a counter during a blackout or a picnic table while camping and want to see what you're reading next to the station, I suppose it works.

The double handle on the top of the unit makes for convenient carrying, especially since the unit is very heavy (LiFePO4 batteries are significantly heavier than your regular Li-ion batteries because of the battery composition). No major complaints, though design wise, I think it would look better if the handles were flush with the unit, especially if you threw this into the car and had to pack things... sitting flush might make it easier to pack. However, it doesn't protrude very much, so again, it's not a dealbreaker. Just a suggestion if they want to improve their model.

Good Budget Solar Generator

After seeing a review online from Pinbal Preparedness, I decided to purchase this as it was on sale at large discount - a price I couldn't pass up. Unit seems to be well constructed and is relatively lightweight - its easy to move around with 1 hand. Would prefer an integrated A/C poewr brick, but if you don't plan to normally A/C recharge and use Solar, I suppose its better than having the additional weight of the transformer inside the unit.

I tested the unit with my ResMed Air Elite 10 CPAP and it lasted approximately 9 hours, so it fits my use case nicely as a backup in case of power outage. I had a bit of trouble getting the A/C connection to charge properly but it seems it might have been my fault - a loose connection on the A/C power to the brick - time will tell but I think it was me.

Recharge time from A/C is slower than it seems it needs to be (about 2x longer than you can get with solar), but works fine. Seems that solar is the best way to recharge this, though I have not been able to determine what the max parameters for the solar are yet - it seems to be 400W based on their bundles but there is no detail online or in the 1-page manual that accompanies it. I think my 2x 100W panels I own already will work fine. Haven't tested that yet.

The generator does what it says it does so time will tell but it seems like it was a good investment given the low cost it had. I went looking on their site for the add-on battery they advertise but it doesn't appear to be available yet. If the price is reasonable that would be a good add-on to ger some safety margain against a rainy day.

Overall a good device at the price point that I purchased. I would do it again.

ITEHIL Solar Panel, Foldable Monocrystalline Solar Suitcase(100W, 160W, 200W, 400W)

Ordered Us version and received International version

I ordered the US version and I received the international version. I contacted your customer service department to report the mistake. I was told to contact them if I wanted to correct the mistake. I was told that it made no difference in the function of the unit. Is this correct?

Great Deal for my money

I saved 300.00 on the deal, given to Pinball and our group! Thank you

Great product

High quality and effective; love that it's solar powered and compact.

Works great

Used in a cabin with no electricity and would run for a solid 8-10 hours

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